Florence truffle and
olive oil tour

Florence truffle and olive oil tour

Tour that will take you to the discovery of truffles, olive oil and their secrets in Tuscany

The love story between Italy and the truffle is handed down from the 1st century D. C, and today Italy is the world's first producer and exporter of all the species used in the gastronomy.
The truffle embellishes the first dishes and other recipes thanks to a truly unmistakable taste and aroma.: The possibility of trying various, different types of truffles, will allow us to discover the differences in flavour and aroma, and above all the need to Use different types in the kitchen.
The recipes for using the truffle are born from the versatility of the product, from the characteristic of giving value to each dish without this being created especially for the truffle itself: only a few grams, just a dozen, to make abundantly rich a Flow. Prepare your palate for our Florence truffle and olive oil tour!
You can also taste the olive oil, served on delicious bruschetta of toast (the famous Fettunta!), all enriched by a further tasting buffet of typical Tuscan products, accompanied by an inevitable goblet of Chianti wine!
You can deepen your knowledge of Extra-virgin olive oil, learning to distinguish which are the characteristics of high quality oil by tasting and putting into practice as pleasant as possible as you just learned.
We will guide you on a tour that will reveal all the secrets of what is called "green Gold", from its beneficial properties to its use, and through the senses you can capture aromas, colours, nuances that shape the imagination.
We will meet in front of the church of Santa Maria Novella, one of the most beautiful churches of Florence, our group will be very very small for a more intimate foodie experience. During this food tour step by step and bite after bite you will discover a tasty world, we will start from a little winery where you'll have a refreshing glass of withe wine and some black truffle canape and pecorino cheese with truffle. You will experience the truffle's concentrated smell and taste while discovering the ways to hunt it and the regions of Italy where they generally grow. You will learn that truffle is not a mushroom but a fantastic tuber that you shouldn't find all over and you can't cultivate it.
Later on, we will walk along the fashion district of Florence. In this elegant location you will taste the famous truffle sandwich drinking a fresh and sparkling Prosecco: the little, delicious sandwich is filled with a secret truffle recipe. After this intense tasting we will walk in the Oltrarno one of the most a fascinating and authentic areas of the city. Stopping in a gastronomic paradise you will be familiar with many different kind of olive oil we have in Italy, and why the most prestigious oil is called EVOO. We will end by Chef Vary, our amazing chef who will welcome you to her home. You could therefore continue at her place your Truffle and Evoo experience with a superb dinner, where your 5 senses will exult all together. Don't miss the opportunity to discover Florence and its culinary traditions in the tastiest way, doing a food tour!!