Florence food and
drink group tour

Florence food and drink group tour

With this private tour you are going to discover places not to be missed for lovers of history and food!

There are many possible ways to explore and learn about Florence, which allow you to appreciate it from different points of view and in all its facets.
There's drink and drink. If you want to drink an unforgettable, rely on our tours in the heart of the city: Do not worry, to quench your desire for cocktails in Florence, we will take care of you.
Relaxing atmospheres, good jazz music, refined cocktails: With our Florence food and drink group tours we will be able to let you try a cocktail's experience that you can hardly forget.
We will cross the squares and bridges of the city, with an eye always aimed to steal its secrets thanks to the guide that takes you not to miss a moment of the pleasure that Florence can offer you.
Following a particular itinerary, linked to those areas of the city, which betray, in their name, an ancient relationship with the culture of food and raw materials.
Florence is the ideal place for a trip on the road in the name of a good table, to discover the most hidden and evocative flavors, to let yourself be lulled by the soft curves of its streets and savor the most delicious dishes.